Lord willing, we are planning on officially re-opening the church on Thanksgiving weekend, October 11th as long as local gathering regulations still permit.  

What to expect for indoor worship services: 

  • Social distancing markers will be outside leading to the door. 

  • Someone will be at door to greet you and take attendance. 

  • You will be asked some screening questions. Screening questions are listed below, please consider “self-screening” beforehand to speed up the process.  

  • Only a few people or one family will be let in to the church building at a time. 

  • Please hand sanitize upon arrival/ hand sanitizers are located at the bottom and top of stairs leading to the sanctuary. 

  • The coat area will be blocked off. 

  • We are required to wear a mask at all times within the church building. 

  • Please go directly to your pew/ no congregating inside the church. 

  • Please, no hugging or shaking of hands. 

  • Every other pew is blocked off for social distancing. 

  • Chairs are set out at the back of the sanctuary as well. They are set out in pairs and spaced six feet apart.  

  • A family will be permitted to use a full pew.  

  • Otherwise, only one or two people are permitted to sit at each end of the pew. 

  • There will be no Sunday school until further notice.  

  • The Nursery room will be open for those who wish to use it however, there will be no nursery workers at this time and all of the toys have been removed for health reasons. 

  • The downstairs washrooms will be open/ please be respectful, try to practice social distancing and wear your mask. 

  • The Fellowship Hall/Gym, Kitchen, Prayer room and Sunday school room will remain closed to public access. Please respect the signs that have been put in place. 

  • The offering plate will not be passed around, instead the box will be set up at the back of the sanctuary for your tithe as you come or go. 

  • At the end of the service you will be dismissed in sections and will be asked to leave the church at this time. We ask that you please respect the space of others while exiting the church, please remember your mask.    

  • For those who arrive after the service has started, we ask that you remain in the foyer until you have been added to our attendance sheet and screened.   

We will be transitioning into uncharted territory however, we will learn and adapt as we walk this journey together. We recognize that our area has remained healthy through these confusing times (Praise the Lord). We also recognize that as individuals we can be in different places with our opinions on COVID-19 and all the rules and regulations that go along with it. However, out of respect for our government authorities, our health units and each other, we exercise love and obedience for the Lord’s sake.  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 519-935-2801


  • Have you returned from travel outside Canada in the past 14 days? 

  • Do you have a fever?     

  • New onset of cough 

  • Chills 

  • Unexplained fatigue 

  • Headache 

  • Sore throat 

  • Runny nose 

  • Stuffy or congested nose 

  • Lost sense of taste or smell 

  • Difficulty breathing 

  • Difficulty swallowing 

  • Pink eye 

  • Digestive issues (nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain), or 

  • For young children and infants: sluggishness or lack of appetite 

If you have any of these symptoms of COVID – 19 OR you have been exposed to someone with COVID – 19 or someone who has developed new respiratory symptoms, please delay your visit, and contact your local health care provider.