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Literature Review On Patanjali Products

• 6 likes • 1,975 views Mansi Sadhu Download Now Download to read offline Description Transcript This presentation is assembled by a survey conducted to analyze the consumer satisfaction level for Patanjali products. These findings are based on the studies and references from various documents. Marketing

  • Literature review: According to KhannaRupali (2015) in her study “customer Perception towards Brand: A Study on Patanjali” explained us. boost to the Patanjali products as it . Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2018, ISSN No. 2456 - 9151 27 constitutes both the ayurvedic, herbal.

  • III. LITERATURE SURVEY Gosher Seema (2017), in her study “Customer preferences towards Patanjali products” A study on consumers with reference to Mumbai Suburban district has revealed that the people between the age group of 15-45 are the major consumers of Patanjali products. It was observed that between

  • Along with this there are some objectives of this study: To study Patanjali as a brand and its product mix. To analyze consumer perception about Patanjali as a brand and its products. To analyze impact of brand image on loyalty intentions. To analyze and identify important factors influencing Patanjali as a brand. 1.2.

Literature Review On Patanjali Products - Essay Help 24x7

Literature Review On Patanjali Products - Essay Help 24x7

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